About Me

Hi! 👋
I'm chasa.

I've learnt a lot about programming over the last years, more specifically, the Discord API (and how to abuse it 😎).

I went from watching a YouTube tutorial series for discord.py, to being trusted in the largest community for Discord Mass DMing and self-botting.

My Services

I can create quite a few things for the right price, things like:
- Discord Tools/Bots (Account Gens, Token Managers, Backup Tools, Raid Bypasses, etc)
- Websites (I'm more familiar with backend/APIs)
- Authentication Systems
- Or just things I haven't thought of yet..

If this interests you, feel free to contact me for questions.

Live Projects

Tool Authentication

Use our High Quality Dashboard to enjoy our collection of Premium Discord Tools.

Embeds (e.chasa.wtf)

Use our API to create unlimited discord embeds, which self-bots can use!